Having trouble with rain or snow coming into your facility while loading or unloading a truck? Concerned about security while a trailer is backed up to your dock? A dock seal or dock shelter is the right product to combat these issues.

Depending on your application and needs, we can help determine the correct piece of equipment to install on the exterior of your dock.

Dock seals are soft sided pads covered with a durable fabric that allows the trailer to compress into and seal up the dock door. With several fabric options, we can find you the right product for your needs and budget.

Dock Shelters are typically rigid structures with fabric curtains that hug the back of a truck as it backs into the dock door. Several options are available to customize the fit of this product to your dock door.

At NOVA, their expert production team combines pride in workmanship with superior design and select grade raw materials to manufacture products of optimal quality. We offer a wide variety of Nova seals and shelters to fit your facility’s needs for vehicle type, door size, dock height, driveway grade, dock traffic and weather conditions.