Have you ever been loading a truck and experienced ‘Trailer Creep’? Trailer creep is the tendency of a trailer to ‘creep’ away from the loading dock and a heavy forklift enters and exits the trailer while loading or unloading. This can prove to be a very dangerous situation if the trailer is allowed to move far enough away from the dock.

We encourage our customers to TAKE CONTROL of their loading dock and purchase one of our several options of truck restraints with included light packages. Once installed on the dock, the forklift driver will activate the restraint when the trailer is backed up completely to the dock. The restraint engages and the light package on the inside turns Green to signal to the driver that it is safe to enter the trailer.

At this point the light on the outside of the dock turns Red, showing the driver that it is unsafe to pull away. This whole process is reversed once trailer loading or unloading is complete, and the trailer is allowed to pull away safely.

SAFETY is our number one priority, and having one of our truck restraints installed will drastically increase safe operation at your loading dock.